What is Snookball?

It's a combination of pool and soccer.

Snookball How to

• A player legally pockets the 8 ball into a designated pocket, after all of that player’s object balls have been pocketed.
• The opponent pockets the 8 ball on the break.
• The opponent illegally pockets the 8 ball.
• The opponent knocks the 8 ball off the table.
• The opponent commits a foul on a shot that successfully pockets the 8 ball.

• The shooter fails to strike one of his own object balls (or the 8 ball, if all of said object balls are already pocketed) with the cue ball, before other balls (if any) are contacted by the cue ball. This excludes “split” shots, where the cue ball strikes one of the shooter’s and one of the opponent’s object balls simultaneously.
• If an attempt is made to pocket a ball, and the ball hits the pocket, bounces out and lands on the ground, the ball is placed in the pocket and the game continues.
• The cue ball is shot before all balls have come to a complete stop from the previous shot
• The cue ball is touched more than once during a shot by the same player
• The cue ball is clearly dragged with the foot remaining in contact with it more than momentarily
• The shooter touches the cue ball with their hand or any foreign object during a shot, other than as necessary to move the cue ball when the player has ball-in-hand
• The shooter knocks a ball off the table
• The shooter has shot out-of-turn